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Vic Echegoyen

230 pages

Winner of the XII Wilkie Collins Noir Novel Award in Spain, 2023

A killer is out and about in a mountain village, and later on in the capital, without ever arousing suspicion. A life that has always been a model of normality and orderliness cannot be a farce that fools everybody, from earliest childhood right up to the end: parents, schoolmasters, neighbours and work colleague… What should never be, can never be – or can it?

How does one become a serial killer, actually? Wherein lies the key: Nature or nurture, instinct or experience? Does society play any role at all?

Sometimes, insanity is just a minority of one… Written by the main character, this noir novel, set in a nearby future which might well become all too real, combines terror, madness and humour from a satirical point of view.

M.A.R., 2023/05