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Winner of the XII Wilkie Collins Noir Novel Award in Spain, 2023 A killer is out and about in a mountain village, and later on in the capital, without ever arousing suspicion. A life that has always been a model of normality and orderliness cannot be a farce that fools everybody, from earliest childhood right up to the end: parents, schoolmasters, neighbours and work colleague… What should...


Carlos Fernández de Soto

No se puede ser más perdedor que el agente Manrique: malvive con su raquítico sueldo en una triste pensión, lisiado en acto de servicio, denostado por las fuerzas vivas de Buga, con un único amigo, el locutor Soto -su Dr. Watson perticular-, otro glotón casi tan paria como él, que sigue confiando en que la extravagante lógica del policía le consiga el scoop de su vida. Acosado por su...


Max Fiorelli

The nightmare could be hiding on any page you haven't written yet. When he looks at his life, Harry Castellani still can't explain what happened. One day he was a detective with the Miami Homicide Squad, underpaid, frustrated and with a tendency to overuse alcohol, and a few weeks later his first thriller climbed the Bestseller Book's list of the major American newspapers making him rich and...


Carlos Vila Sexto

BEYOND ADVENTURE (10+) Ed is a normal boy who lives with his family in a small village where some strange phenomena begin to occur, while two teachers of the school appear dead at the foot of the church bell tower, without any violence. Ed and his friends, Otto «cakes-eater», the nice Crispín and Samuel the valiant, as well as Julia (Ed's little sister), are involved in an adventure that...


Carlos Vila Sexto

Hugo loves The X-men comics. He dreams of being one of its heroes, concretely professor Charles Xavier. As the fiction character, Hugo needs a wheelchair to move around his new school. At the beginning Hugo is discouraged: "again I have to invent the usual stories about what happened to me. What a hassle!" he thinks, but this time Eric (another Marvel geek) and Olivia (also with a disability),...


Cristina Rava

A Sea of Silence"(Garzanti, 2012) represented the début as a detective of Ardelia Spinola, a Genovese pathologist and the start of a new series. "Behind the Black of the Night" is the second case of the irresistible Ardelia and her curious friends! Albenga, a Saturday afternoon in July: strong horizontal showers, like jets from a hose, driven by a fierce wind. Streaks of lightning...
One winter's night, in the hills above Albenga. Ardelia Spinola, a Genoese, is Pathologist. She is called for a double murder, two Algerians shot dead in the apartment where they lived. One was a dentist, the other was still a boy. Not far away from the house where the the two were killed, Ardelia finds a USB stick and before handing it to the judge decides to take a look. When he opened it,...
Una cittadina campana. In una notte che sembra qualsiasi, e non lo è, come non lo è mai nessuna, un uomo viene investito da un pirata della strada. È il marito di Carla, giovane, bella, recentemente sposata: solo un mese e mezzo di matrimonio. La vita di Carla, tuttavia, non esce affatto intristita da questa tragedia, perché in meno di un anno la vedova si trova contesa fra tre uomini: un...