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Carlo Greppi

224 pages

DON'T REMAIN BEHIND (15+) That Monday of January in which Francis, protected only by the hood of his sweatshirt, runs up the stairs and slips just in time in his class of the "Scuola Nuova", is not a day like others. His parents, without even telling him, have enrolled him on a trip. And not just any trip, but a journey to Auschwitz in Poland. How will he face it? What will think of him, his football mates and those of the "Vecchia Scuola"? What will say Kappa, his best friend, who is filling the walls of the neighborhood with Ks? Looking into the deepest darkness of the past, these guys will look for a way to imagine themselves older, together will try to understand and address History and our own history that we write every day: because if you want to think in your future you have to be careful not to be left behind.

For thousands of kids the trip to Auschwitz is a true Bildungsroman. Here's the story of Francesco, who plays football, don't talk very much, do not want to leave and would never admit to fear.