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Laura Campiglio

264 pages

There is only one life. But sometimes you get two.

After turning thirty-five, Anna Naldini has the feeling of finding herself on the wrong side of thirty: the one in which the hangover becomes hard to dispose of, but above all the one in which from the projects it's time to move on to the budgets. But there is worse. On his birthday he lost the most important of the eight precarious collaborations with which his baroque curriculum boasted: the reporter's work for "La Locomotiva", the left-wing newspaper par excellence. She is not discouraged, and after the drunken rite she is ready to get back into the game from the coffee table of Caffè Voltaire, her reference bar. It will be the most right-wing newspaper in the country, "I Probi Viri", to propose to follow an electoral campaign that promises to be very aggressive after the sudden fall of the government. Perfect, if it weren't that the "Locomotive" calls it: Anna just has to hide behind two pseudonyms - Voltaire and Rousseau - and throw herself into the political arena, lending herself to a double game in which true and false are increasingly confused. In the post-truth era, can you write everything and the opposite of everything hoping to come out safe? Between electoral slogans, low league misconduct and fake news (with the aggravating circumstance of an unexpected romantic encounter), Anna will realize that doing the right thing is not as easy as it seems.

And to think that it all started with a harmless French motif on the Illuminists, Voltaire and Rousseau precisely, that the grandfather Pietro da Lomello, an old pragmatic and ironic man, sang her when she was a child ...

A fresh and pressing comedy, brilliant and up-to-date, which combines a very successful generational portrait with our global uncertain present.

MONDADORI (GM), 2020/03