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Lorenzo Marone

176 pages

“This is a book I really care about because is the one that speaks about the city I was born and I’ve been living in for over forty years: Naples. It is a collection of my “Granelli”, those short articles I kept writing for “La Repubblica” of Naples during the past three years so as to describe the several facets of this city. I hope this book will help me to make those who don’t live in Naples look at it in a different way: as a normal city, which glows despite its black holes and is worth knowing. It will be a walk with my readers that is going to show it the way I see it. I think this country needs Naples, it needs its mentality, its culture, its ability to confront existence with a simple shrug, its subtle irony expressed despite all, its talent to turn ugliness into beauty and its ability to live on the poetry of details.”