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Tony Laudadio

218 pages

Emanuele is a homeless man, a musician who plays at the corner of the streets. He has rejected every sort of affection and human contact aside from Maria, who works in a bar and takes care of him. One day he wakes up in a hospital after an aggression and notices something inside him is radically changed: his apathy is gone, everything and everyone glow of a new light and he feels the need to fix all the mistakes made during his passive life.

This is a novel and a written monologue set in an atmosphere of jazz, memories and regrets. Tony Laudadio delivers a colorful story that looks like a procession through the streets of a provincial town, folkloristic and a bit kitsch, exciting like the thrill we get every time we find fragments of tales in out everyday life. Preludio a un Bacio is the story of a rebirth that brings an elusive happiness which is still able to give meaning to an entire life.

NN, 2018/03