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Longlisted Premio Strega 2019 Segafredo Zanetti Award 2019 A Book a film Matilde has a secret that keeps influencing her choices. She is a retired teacher obliged to get back to work after getting into debt. Her life is split between her outlying neighborhood of Barriera and the centre of Turin, where she daily takes care of an old engineer. She, therefore, finds herself living in between...
Emanuele is a homeless man, a musician who plays at the corner of the streets. He has rejected every sort of affection and human contact aside from Maria, who works in a bar and takes care of him. One day he wakes up in a hospital after an aggression and notices something inside him is radically changed: his apathy is gone, everything and everyone glow of a new light and he feels the need to fix...


Jorge Vivanco

The Old Gertrudis, Melquisedec, Flor de Lirio ... a group of clochards that populate the streets of Quito, find themselves in a small police station after a police raid to "clean up the streets". Locked in a patio, the most hidden secrets are confessed, those that forced them to escape from life to take refuge in the solitude between the filth and contempt of society. Sometimes they are stories...
"La gabbia","Infanzia di un socialista", "L'appostamento": tre testi teatrali di grande impegno civile. Divertenti e leggeri, trattano temi di bruciante attualità. "La gabbia" indaga nel mondo della camorra, "Infanzia di un socialista" racconta il sogno di un bambino tradito da un se stesso adulto. "L'appostamento" mette insieme quattro poliziotti e un criminale. Protagonisti tutti fuorilegge,...