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Carlos Vila Sexto

330 pages

CHARON'S ENIGMA (14+). A tragic accident in the cliffs of Cabo Lázaro, a small town of the Galician coast, ends with the death of a boy of the town.

Dani, his great friend, feels bad when realizing that he does not show so sad as other people who were not so close to his friend. At the same time he does not believe the explanation of the accident, much less that of suicide, so begins a secret investigation with his friends Alex, Victor, Adrian and Sara, that will soon lead them to meet a mysterious stranger.

The incomprehension and prejudices of the elders, the problems of their parents -worried with unemployment and real estate speculation-, the harassment by two local thugs, the police upset with their fantastic theories; These are some of the obstacles faced by the five friends in the fierce search for the legendary medallion of Charon, part of the treasure that sank off its shores, while guarded by a mysterious Jesuit on his way to the Pope's court 400 years ago.

And if that were not enough, they are not the only ones who seek it: the past also seems to want to settle old accounts with the inhabitants of the town, Cabo Lázaro.

Another exciting adventure of Carlos, in which action does not drop down until the epilogue is reached.

GALAXIA, 2016/02