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Carlos Vila Sexto

Una mudanza no deseada por Paula, la hermana mayor de la familia, es el punto de partida de una aventura llena de fantasia y misterio en un extraño valle de las montañas de Cantabria que no aparece en los mapas. No son los únicos que se han salido de la autopista atascada por la tormenta buscando un camino alternativo, pero sí que serán los que conseguirán desvelar el secreto que se...


Carlos Vila Sexto

Dani se despierta de madrugada en su cocina junto a una lata de refresco rayada y aplastada. Nunca había sido sonámbulo y además no será el único suceso perturbador del día pues unas horas después desaparece un niño autista, hermano pequeño de Zoe, una compañera de clase. Marcos Portela solo tiene nueve años y un equipo de la Guardia Civil, dirigido por la madre de Dani, empieza a...


Carlos Vila Sexto

1798 That is the destiny that the Mirror of Tears has chosen for Miguel. A hundred kilometers from Pazo Quiroga, off the coast of Cabo Lázaro, the armies of Spain and France try to kill the pirate known as the Devil, a ruthless murderer surrounded by a halo of mystery that no one has been able to unravel. Only Miguel knows that Eduardo Quiroga is under the pirate's mask. That is why he...


Carlos Vila Sexto

Miguel has trouble. Again. He has cheated the wrong people and now he has no choice but to do what he always does when he is cornered: run away. In need of money and a place to hide, he accepts the proposal of a mysterious individual to be part of an expedition dedicated to assessing the works of art of a strange place known as Pazo Quiroga. Seven people with no apparent connection between...


Carlos Vila Sexto

BEYOND ADVENTURE (10+) Ed is a normal boy who lives with his family in a small village where some strange phenomena begin to occur, while two teachers of the school appear dead at the foot of the church bell tower, without any violence. Ed and his friends, Otto «cakes-eater», the nice Crispín and Samuel the valiant, as well as Julia (Ed's little sister), are involved in an adventure that...


Carlos Vila Sexto, Susana Gaitán Gimenez

THE LAST TRICK OF PROFESSOR MYSTERIO. A series of strange robberies are occurring. Ainara awakens and discovers that her heart has been stolen; Victor can't find his ears. Fate hoin them in the search of the mysterious thief and the only clue are the foot prints of a cat that they call "Fusco". Other kinds in the neighborhood have lost parts of their bodies and they finally help Ainara...


Carlos Vila Sexto

CHARON'S ENIGMA (14+). A tragic accident in the cliffs of Cabo Lázaro, a small town of the Galician coast, ends with the death of a boy of the town. Dani, his great friend, feels bad when realizing that he does not show so sad as other people who were not so close to his friend. At the same time he does not believe the explanation of the accident, much less that of suicide, so begins a secret...
A wounded old man knocks at Jacobo's door, with just the time to give him and ancient parchment before dying on his arms. Jacobo use his contacts to reach Natalia the only person who can help to decipher it. What they will discover will be difficult to accept, even for Jacobo. Meanwhile, the police find evidence that Jacobo might be involved in other similar deaths, and the hunting begins. But...


Jorge Vivanco

José, a boy from Albanuma, wakes up on a dune of an infinite sand sea. He doesn’t know why he is there, but starts walking aimlessly until he hears a girl screaming: it's Maria. Her father has just turned into a giant scorpion -a «jauriyashka»- and is attacking her. This is how this new age bildungsroman with pre-Columbus reminiscences starts. It is set in a devilish desert that reminds...
Vol. 1 of the Las crónicas del viajante trilogy. It is the maiden voyage of "El tren del norte", an Orient Express of our time, made by Ismael Docampo, who goes through the northern Spanish coast under the buffeting of Hortensia, the biggest hurricane the country has experienced in decades. A man wakes up in one of the compartments. He doesn’t remember what he is doing there, he cannot...