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Tony Laudadio

248 pages

Translation Right shared with Bompiani.

Giustino Salvato is a successful criminal lawyer with an enormous problem of anger control which explodes in violent incidents and sudden flares up. Passionately fond of literature and motorbike, full of obsessions and obscure sides, he does an illegal service for some companies, his clients: he acts as an intermediary for the payment of protection money to the racketeering. In his everyday life, made of fearsome inner unsteadiness, Giorgia, an old flame of his who he hasn’t seen for thirty years, reappears. Her husband, a lawyer too, is murdered and she wants to be defended just by Giustino. As soon she goes into the office she comes clean: she killed her husband because of jealousy. Giustino is fascinated with Giorgia, that woman attracts him like a chasm, she makes resurface the power of memory: “ My conscience is a cesspool”, he says. All the protagonist’s world full of contradictions implodes compressed by a too strong pressure, he is torn between his wish for civil life and his shady conscience. Things are coming to a head and surprises follow unpredictably. Apparently, Giustino Salvato has a lot to hide.

BOMPIANI, 2014/09