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France, during the Thirty Years’ War: When Cardinal Richelieu sends Léon Bouthillier, his Secretary of State and chief spy, on a hazardous personal mission into enemy territory, Léon cannot anticipate he will have to track down and destroy a woman who is extremely dangerous to France’s interests, in order to recover a batch of letters which compromise the very safety of the realm. This...


Tony Laudadio

Translation Right shared with Bompiani. Giustino Salvato is a successful criminal lawyer with an enormous problem of anger control which explodes in violent incidents and sudden flares up. Passionately fond of literature and motorbike, full of obsessions and obscure sides, he does an illegal service for some companies, his clients: he acts as an intermediary for the payment of protection...
One winter's night, in the hills above Albenga. Ardelia Spinola, a Genoese, is Pathologist. She is called for a double murder, two Algerians shot dead in the apartment where they lived. One was a dentist, the other was still a boy. Not far away from the house where the the two were killed, Ardelia finds a USB stick and before handing it to the judge decides to take a look. When he opened it,...