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A powerful story that explodes in your mind and in your heart
Copertina del libro UN USO QUALUNQUE DI TE
FictionAdultUpmarketWomen's FictionLove storyPsycologicalMainstream
208 pgs.

Viola, Carlo and Luce are a quiet middle-class family, or at least apparently. Luce is 17-year-old and as such is full of energy and completely projected towards the future.Viola is a distracted mother and wife, full of doubts about her present life and with too many regrets. Carlo, instead, is a caring husband and the core of the family.

One late spring night, almost at dawn, Viola receives a phone call from Carlo. She must immediately go to the hospital. But Viola is not at home, she has to get dressed and go, but where? The battery of her mobile phone is flat and the message doesn’t say which hospital nor what happened. It’s the beginning of a desperate race against time. A race that will lead Viola to confront with her guilt. She has lied,she has betrayed her husband and kept a terrible secret for years. A secret she must now reveal to the surgeon or Luce will die. A secret that will change her life forever.

If human soul is an orchestra, Sara Rattaro has got a natural talent for music.