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Maria Rosaria Selo

276 pages

Naples, 1975. It takes courage to be the head of the family. When Vincenzina returns home after a day spent studying at the University, she still doesn't know that her life is about to change. Her father Ferdinando poisoned his lungs after years of work and struggles in the Bagnoli steelworks, and when he has to surrender to the disease, it's up to Vincenzina to take care of what remains of her family: her mother Antonietta and her younger sister Giulia, still too creature to understand what sacrifice is. Vincenzina thus puts aside the dream of seeing herself graduated and enters the factory herself: the anger she has in her body for her lost destiny, however, soon turns into courage when she realizes that she is not alone. Within those walls, Vincenzina draws strength thanks to women who, like her, life has tried to bend but who have found themselves in that new sisterhood: Piera, the beefy foreman who loves Pasolini, Anna, and her hidden kind green eyes behind the visor, Elena, who with her strong political ideas inspires her companions to never surrender to adversity. We are in the years of great street protests and national strikes, of the first feminist movements and yellow helmets at the top of the marches, which Maria Rosaria Selo tells with a writing with an irresistible Mediterranean flavor, giving life to a proud and cheeky protagonist. Vincenzina, who knows pain but looks straight into the future for her rights, and the rights of all workers.

RIZZOLI (GM), 2023/05