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Carmela Scotti

216 pages

Claudia knows only one way to defend herself. She walks armed with her tattoos, piercings and the music that rumbles in her earphones. Only in this way does she feel protected from the anger that has accompanied her since she was a child. Grew up quickly, with no one to teach her to be a "child", Claudia lives every day with the weight of her memories. When she was just a little girl, an accident put an end to the cries inside her house but also to her childhood, digging an unbridgeable distance between her and her mother Caterina. A distance that has made her lonely, a suburban animal, and that only the patient aunt Dora and her best friend Vio manage to bridge, one by listening, the other by joining in the hubbub of a "reckless life" on the streets of Brianza. Yet, having become a mother, Claudia feels that something is not right, in her memories. The vision of the accident haunts her, even though many years have passed, and between mother and daughter there remains a wall of silence that only an act of courage can demolish. With the tenacity of someone who has nothing to lose, Claudia will return to that dead and never buried past, discovering that facts and truth almost never coincide, and that in the groove between the two a possibility of a future can bloom.

Longlisted for Strega Prize 2023.

GARZANTI (GEMS), 2023/01