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Cristina Rava

342 pages

I determine destinies, enjoying the turmoil of the world from above without being contaminated by it. I am the Weaver..

Triggering the vicious circle of events, this time, is the discovery of the body of a girl in the compartment of an unfortunate plumber's pick-up truck at a checkpoint in the Ligurian hinterland. From the first tests performed, the cause of death seems to be compatible with a fall, but Ardelia Spinola notices an attempted strangulation. However, the clues are scarce. It is at this point that the phone call from Augusto arrives, an occasional aperitif companion of Ardelia who, locked in a car in the dark and stoned, asks her to reach her with some urgency because he has committed a madness as big as a house ... Not to mention the presence of a fascist-style subversive cell that disturbs the tranquility of Lower Piedmont between autumn mists and still warm sunny days.

They seem to be unconnected facts, but a murky and disturbing design binds them. Bartolomeo, with his calm and clear mind, and Ardelia, with her intuitive fire and her madness, will have to put them back together piece by piece, plunging once again into the folds of a very intricate enigma, which will give them a lot of trouble.

RIZZOLI (GM), 2022/04