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Paolo Regina

224 pages

An excellent murder and a cold case for Gaetano De Nittis, the guitarist financial policeman


In this second investigation, the brilliant captain of the most "hated" Corps world-wide, The Financial Police, finds himself investigating the death of the bishop of Ferrara, found on the banks of the Po River with a bullet in his forehead.

The case drags him into the quicksand of the Curia of Ferrara, among palace intrigues, power plays and big economic interests. The captain thus begins another risky "unofficial" investigation in an attempt to exonerate his friend Gianni Bonfatti, a courageous investigative journalist of the local newspaper, from a shameful accusation.

De Nittis, in this new adventure, also comes to terms with a mysterious forger of banknotes and with an unsolved crime of twenty years before. While Rosa, the woman she loves, finds herself unexpectedly face to face with her painful past. Of course, the soundtrack of the story is the powerful blues of B.B. King, idol of the captain-guitarist.

SEM, 2020/01