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Cristina Rava

368 pages

Bartolomeo Rabaudengo is back!

Piedmont, well-known vineyards, castles and little villages with hardworking people. Here in Mombasiglio the young Dario Colombero is missing. He is gone without leaving any trace after showing up at a dodgy party.

Bartolomeo Rabaudengo is a dismissed chief of police that now works as a consultant and is still far from getting the retirement benefits. He has come back after a long stay in America and he is left in charge of the inquiry when Dario is found dead. Is the corpse the result of a party gone wrong or does it hide something else?

He is helped with the investigation by Ardelia Spinola, a person he though he had lost but who turns out to be even more lively and trustworthy than before. She is the medical examiner he used to work with, and together they end up solving the mysterious case. However, they only get to its solution, because it is impossible to find any answer when it comes to understanding the roots of evil.

RIZZOLI (GM), 2019/02