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Eloisa Donadelli

300 pages

You don’t know that there are birches that remove their roots during the night, and you would never believe that at night there are trees that walk or become dreams.

Alda Merini

Bernardette Laudis has always lived with an inexplicable weight on her soul, which she tries to ease with the sound of her cello. It is a slender feeling she doesn’t manage to work out, until one day an off-key object she finds on the floor by chance reveals a betrayal.

Pain tosses her into a smooth-walled crevasse, one of those that are typical of the Alps that surround the village of Cimecase, where she has moved to from Milan because of a love story. One night, while craving for fresh oxygen, she enters the woods and finds a house encircled by birches. There lives Giosuè, a lonely shepherd, expert on the human spirit and on trees’ voice. That place and that encounter give a voice to Bernadette’s past, to her family story and to the mystery of her birth.

She will realize that some bonds, although she does not know her own genes, always find their way home. She will find the courage to drive away that weight on her soul and to listen to the voice of the thin birches, silvery pioneer plants, that are interlaced with her roots: as a matter of fact, there are some destinies that only trees can shield.

Le voci delle betulle is a domestic saga that talks about three generations of women, Josephine, Agata and Bernadette. It’s a novel about the re-birth of woman, not thanks to a man, or son... but thanks to the Force of Nature. Is it possibile to be a woman, in the more authentic meaning, to have a "Beautiful Soul", in a world where the concept of Beauty is a product of "botox and unauthentic Beauty?