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Giuseppe Montesano

192 pages

You can become a wild reader at any ages. In any time and in every place. Reading to live is always possible. You should only want it. And start.

Giuseppe Montesano

An essential pamphlet twenty-five years after Come un romanzo by Daniel Pennac.

“We do not have time? Then let’s read on the train, on the plane, on the subway, in bed, under the table, under the desk. We need to steal time because existence is at stake, to read in order to live means drawing on that energy that makes reality different than a prison. We need to become wild readers right now, when we do not have time. Quickly, before it is too late. Slowly, because the desire burns long”. Giuseppe Montesano talks with everyone who is looking for a vital nourishment, who is still sensitive towards that mystery called reality, despite everything.

Few quivering pages that cut to the chase, declaring the unconditioned reader’s freedom and reminding him that his adventure is unlimited. The reader who is willing to be changed by the true books he runs into, ready to be born and to love again at every page, that is a wild reader: he just wants to leave his imprisionment during the adventure and earn his whole life.

BOMPIANI (GG), 2017/10