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Copertina del libro CHI HA BISOGNO DI TE
140 pgs.

There are several ways of falling in love and just as many of ending a relationship. There are men willing to wait, fathers who are looking for the right words to raise their children and then there’s Meri, a young woman with a special gift. Next to her a mother who teaches her how to deal with feelings through Queen’s songs. Meri keeps receiving anonymous handmade notes and while she is trying to find out the identity of the sender, a man cheats on his wife and another is abandoned due to unrequited love. Between a text and a wrong word, a trapped bee and a Freddie Mercury’s song, all the characters are going to reveal to themselves more than one mystery and perhaps to guess the beauty linked to the unforeseen events of existence. “Chi ha bisogno di te” is a story that talks about identity and about how our way of loving doesn’t depend just on ourselves but especially on the meetings life offers us.