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Copertina del libro MAGARI DOMANI RESTO
318 pgs.

The brilliant new novel by one of the most powerful Italian authors, published in February 2017.

Luce, a young woman thirty years old, Neapolitan, lives in the Spanish quarters (a Naples neighborhood infiltrated by the Camorra), but she is an honest young fighter, a bit revolutionary, feminist; a strong female character. She is a lawyer, always in jeans, boots and short hair cut in male style. Her father left the family (at the very end we understand why), so she lives with her mother, as a younger brother decided to leave the home and move to Rome. Luce, in her daily life in a difficult milieu, with an unhappy love (she is too much strong and not conformist) is entrusted by her lawyer boss to a legal cause but it is a bit special: she must "spy" someone…

In an absurd family, studded with characters that seem to come from the best film of the best Italian comedy, you can breathe in this novel an air of revenge and redemption, and Naples (the healthy nice part of Naples) is present, in all its colors and its poetry!