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Copertina del libro HUGO Y EL LADRÓN FANTASMA
FictionChildrenCommercialDetective novelThrillerAdventures
230 pgs.

Hugo loves The X-men comics. He dreams of being one of its heroes, concretely professor Charles Xavier. As the fiction character, Hugo needs a wheelchair to move around his new school.

At the beginning Hugo is discouraged: "again I have to invent the usual stories about what happened to me. What a hassle!" he thinks, but this time Eric (another Marvel geek) and Olivia (also with a disability), two of his new teammates, will make everything different. They and Mario, an abuser who uses Hugo's chair to make jokes with his gang. At least, with two friends and a enemy, he will not get bored.

With the arrival of Hugo a series of strange robberies in the neighborhood begin to take place, which causes that the three friends begin to investigate on their own. The mystery is served.