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David Crespo "Izumi"

278 pages

A work with the deepness and delicacy of Miyazaki's Spirited away or Ende's Momo. And between Alessandro Baricco Silk and Zafón, The Shadow of the Wind.

Japan today. Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. A strange piano with a special sound, an impossible love, an evil woman and a garden blooming in an attic's terrace, all of them have met to try to destroy the thin red thread, the thread of fate, which ties us to others people through those small daily details that we never mind, so at the end we find ourselves linked to people that we hate, and separated from the heavenly creatures that we love. Jokes of life. Games of fate.

Kaoru, the young protagonist, has a life governed by an obsessive routine; he works in a shoe store in a mall of Kyoto. One night after work, his and mysterious colleague Sonoko asks him for a date. This was very strange coming from Sonoko, but she was different for the whole the day.

Kaoru won't assist to the meeting, and from that moment on, a cascade of small details will disrupt his meticulous routine, and minute by minute he realices that he will not be able to ignore that there is something out there forcing him to solve an issue from the past that he escaped from, many years ago.

A novel with unforgettable characters, thrill, love, and a development full of niceness.

SUMA, 2017/09