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Elisabetta Bucciarelli

240 pages


The man is a successful adult, married to a beautiful woman. He doesn't want children, doesn't like to depend on anyone or anything, he is not interested in sex as itself and in each circumstance of his life, he looks for measure and proportions.

One night, coming back from work, he assists to a car accident. A woman crashes against a lamp post, risking her own life. Her image, close to a pre-raphaelite picture, becomes an obsession for the man. In the meantime, in a doctor's waiting room, a young mom, a single lady in her forties and a separated one in her fifties, are waiting for their turn. They talk about men, sure to be facing a new species (the one who resists, who denies himself, who doesn't give himself). Through medical consultations and theatre foyers, chats and car boots, something is going to happen.

The male's resistance finds a new declination of lust, that by virtue of a visible collective damage, finds in fortress (and in chastity) a late form of mutation.