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Photo of Ruggero Cappuccio

His works are published with Feltrinelli, Einaudi and Sellerio.

In 2016 La prima luce di Neruda. With Fuoco su Napoli (Feltrinelli) he wins the price as the best Italian book of 2011, the Vittorini price, the Naples price 2011 edition. The book is published in Spain as Fuego sobre Nápoles by Siruela. His novel La notte dei due silenzi (Sellerio) is finalist in the Strega price of 2008.

He directs many operas for the Salzburg festival, the Teatro alla Scala of Milan, the Teatro dell’Opera of Rome, with Riccardo Mutti, Pinchas Steinberg, Bruno Campanella and Boris Brott’s conduction.

He is a write, screenplayer, dramaturg, director and actor.

In 2016 he is entitled art director of the NAPOLI TEATRO FESTIVAL ITALIA. He has also been art director for the BENEVENTO CITTÀ SPETTACOLO, of the projects TECHNE and FORMART, supported by the Ministry of Employment. From 2011 to 2016 he is he director of the festival SEGRETI D’AUTORE.