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Sara Rattaro

220 pages


Nobody acts simply right or wrong. We are the light and shadow together. Two boxes full of books, puppets and many photographs. Margherita's World is contained in those few things. On her shoulders her beloved violin, in her hands a plane ticket to a far country: Italy. The contry where she was born and that left when she was a baby. But now it is there that he must return. Something has happened that will change her life. Francesco, her father, has been waiting 12 years for seeing her again. The deafening sound of the absence of Margherita has filled his days per decade. On day his danish wife flew back in Denmark with their daughter and he was not allowed to see her. Francesco, at the first moment, believed it was just a normal trip. He never thought, it was the beginning of the worst nightmare of his life. Yet, now that Margaret is back with him, it is difficult to mend what has been broken for so many years. But day after day he try to find a way to its heart...

Following the success of NON VOLARE VIA/DO NOT FLY AWAY, Rattaro Sara returns with an intense and powerful novel that knows how to get closer to the heart of us all. The story of the moment in which it no longer matters what is right or what is wrong. The story of a brave father and a special girl. The story of a love that knows neither time nor obstacles. Because sometimes the only very important thing is to fight for what you truly love.

GARZANTI, 2014/09
Alguien como tú
DUOMO, 2015/01
BERTRAND, 2017/09