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Sara Rattaro

264 pages

At first they do not even notice each other, each kidnapped by the panorama of Genoa, each of them intent on writing on the clear sky thoughts that are too bad inside. Fosca and Valeria meet by chance in their city, on the roof of a building where both have taken refuge in an attempt to escape the sense of abandonment that sometimes life gives you by surprise, without asking if you feel ready.

Fosca has escaped from Milan and from the shocking confession with which her husband has put an end to their long history, a truth that for years has been silent to her, to everyone, even to himself. Valeria hides under a hairstyle of perfect hair and a sunny smile the signs of a disease she is facing without the help of the man she loved, because he is not willing to share with her even the bad fate.

That emptiness brings them closer, but to unite them more deeply will soon be a true friendship, of those that make you feel at home. Because the same life does not hesitate to amaze you with all the good that can hide behind an end. It leads you to lose yourself, to find yourself. It forces you to say goodbye, to give yourself a second chance. It frees you from those who can only escape, to make you discover who is willing to do anything to stay by your side: tenacious affections, new friends and old friends, loves that do not make half-promises.

Sara Rattaro tells us about our emotions as if she could read inside. It is our fears and hopes, illusions and losses in front of the thousand variables of love, the unpredictable trajectories of existence.

Those who win in this story are normal heroes, women and men who have the courage to fight in the hardest moments, to accept themselves without wearing masks, to keep open the door of the heart to expose themselves to destiny and start again.