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Two friends, one dog, a strange summer and a magic diary
Copertina del libro IL LAGO DEL TEMPO FERMO
FictionYoung-adultUpmarketFantasyLove story
118 pgs.


In a town where the shops have only three brands -and three functions-, where the bell only beats at o'clock, where nature rebels, Viola and her father spend their summer vacation in the house inherited from his uncle Felix. Oh no, there is Arthur, a bulky Bernese Mountain Dog! And luckily there ... Arthur because in this desert, for a 11 year old girl there's nothing to do. Apparently.

But in Via three houses, however, people live really special: Ambrose, the elderly neighbor who speaks strange riddles, and care passionately a garden filled with flowers, all strictly white. The sprightly old man lives with his wife Teresa, a little 'meddling, and with a bad temper.

And what about the house across the street from the blue shutters? There lives Yuki, a Japanese kid who loves to observe the Moon and the stars, and who has a gift: draws flocks of strange birds .. I ciancellegre ... Cince-that ??? asks Viola to Ambrose. And what's the recall? Strange town and strange inhabitants, and Viola is convinced that this strangeness Ambrose knows a lot. Maybe it has to do with a prodigious notebook found in the attic? And how can it be a frozen lake in the middle of summer, where time seems to stand still?

Purple, Yuki and the inseparable Arthur will want to find out what happens. IS...