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Andrés Barba

108 pages

An extraordinary novella that under an apparent tenderness hides a dark heart that unleashes one’s hidden instincts.

A horse in its death throes after an accident, a couple who dares not love each other, a teenager. Muerte de un caballo revolves around these simple elements to set up a discourse on love and death as through the lens of a camera. The fear of loving, the experience of death, the difficult discovery of the other and of one’s self in relation to the other. Though the background is of brisk realism, the author focuses on the intimate thoughts and desires of the characters that spark from the suffering of a dying horse. They not only try to

understand what has happened, but most of all they struggle to make sense of what they really want. The dying horse in the end becomes a centre of gravity thatmakes it no longer possible to lie, or to be lied to. It is a force which pushes the characters to finally live by their feelings and desires.