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Roser Amills

318 pages

Did you know that Kim Kardashian would love to have a hot date with Megan Fox? Or that María Antonieta was obsessed with eating oysters while having sex and Sting practices couple exchanging with his wife?

Actually, everybody has a secret fantasy!

The popular sex-writer Roser Amills discovers the most erotic and wildest sex fantasies of 1.001 celebrities in her last book!

Find out the most surprising sex fantasies of writers, actress, singers and A-Listers in The 1.001 Most Erotic and Wildest Fantasies of History.

"With great sense of humor and meticulousness, Roser Amills dissects and classifies the fantasies of 1,000 celebrities. And the readers, let me give you a piece of advice, should go beyond the initial fascination of the entomologist and get inspired." Susanna Griso "In this interesting and playful book by Roser Amills, it becomes obvious that, regarding sexuality, imagination is able to fly higher than reality. And, as the author says: «the more fantasies we can understand, the better we know ourselves»." Antoni Bolinches"We would not be human without eroticism. Subtlety is not an important quality of our species. Plutarch was probably right, eroticism is the disobedience of reason." Eudald Carbonell Enjoy this catalogue of eccentricities… or great discoveries. In this book you will find: culture and original outlines for seduction games; ideas to let inhibitions go away and enjoy with "the prohibited". As Buñuel said: imagination never breaks the law.