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Àlex Rovira, Francesc Miralles

304 pages

An unprecedented adventure in search of the secret revelations of the seven most influential wise men in history.

When darkness is looming above you, it’s the right moment to find the light showing the way to a new path.

After a period of professional failures, Javier, a radio scriptwriter and adventurer, decides to take a sabbatical year off in order to rethink his future. But just before setting off he finds out about a terrible tragedy: Marcel Bellaiche, an old college friend, has turned up dead at the Finisterre lighthouse. Javier decides to put his all into deciphering the strange circumstances surrounding the death and doing so discovers that Bellaiche was researching the existence of a secret scroll with the lost teachings of the seven most important wise men of all time. An enigmatic document was lost during the destruction of the legendary library of Alexandria, but it could have reappeared after being hidden for over twenty centuries.

Side by side with his partner in adventure, the enigmatic professor Sarah Brunet, Javier sets off across half the world in dangerous pursuit of a discovery that could very well shake humanity from the current darkness in which we live. But a shadow threatens his investigation as well as his budding romance with Sarah….

Álex Rovira and Francesc Miralles, the acclaimed authors of El laberinto de la felicidad and Un corazón lleno de estrellas, return to the novel with an adventure inspired in the search for the secret revelations of the seven most influential wise men throughout history.