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Cómo generar, conservar y multiplicar tu dinero
Copertina del libro MONEY MINDFULNESS
Non-fictionAdultCommercialSelf-ImprovementBusinessFinance & investing
200 pgs.

Using a revolutionary method that combines mindfulness with the secrets of the most success- ful business men and women in the world, we will learn how to make, save and grow our money, no matter what our income is, so that it will never be a problem again.

Even if you only apply a small part of what is revealed in this book, whatever you paid for it will be the best investment of your life.

“The equivalent of The Life-Changing Art of Tidying but for domestic economics, our Marie Kon-do was born in La Rioja, lives in London and is going to change the way we look at money for ever. Cristina Benito is, without doubt, a new star in self-help for domestic finances.” Francesc Miralles