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Bárbara Alves

304 pages

Have you tried last winter’s clothes and you only like a scarf?

Do you have a terrible salary, capable of making you laugh and cry?

Do your children drive you crazy (and not because of how much you love them, precisely)?

Is the WhatsApp group with your friends full of affectionate labels like “bitch” or “son of a bich”?

Is your husband an expert in aluding responsabilities?

Are there times you’d like to disappear from the world with a giant Nutella jar?

If you have answered “yes” to three or more of these questions, then there is no doubt: this is your novel. You urgently need a good dose of laughing and reading.

Get hooked on to the phenomenon #RespiraRebecca.

Rebecca, the protagonist of this novel, has three kids, a handsome husband with a tendency to slack off, an annoying and adorable mother, a shitty job and a group of friends that are totally crazy.

Rebecca thinks that problems are very rude. They have the ugly habit of appearing all together, without a warning.

Rebecca is imperfect, foul-mouthed, ingenious and sincere.

Maybe, she is just like you…