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Sonia Fernandez-Vidal, Francesc Miralles

237 pages

At CERN, the most advanced research centre in the world, among scientific experiments which defy the imagination, young Laila discovers that science can be sexy, and that LOVE IS THE MOST POWERFUL ENERGY IN THE WORLD.

Laila has just finished High School and is now deciding in which career she will enroll. In the meanwhile, she works as a waitress at the CERN, the most advanced research institute in the world, and the most boring (at least at first). Laila is going to have a summer surrounded by nerds addicted to coffee that speak a language she doesn´t understand…untill she founds the perfect translator. What has really striked me is the Sonia´s ability to relate the love story with scientific explanations. Physical knowledge are injected little by little. In a simple way, with examples, you realize that you want more and more. At some point, I wasn´t sure if I wanted to keep reading to know more about the lovestory or to keep learning about psysics. And you will want to read it over and over and over...

Read more in soundtrack. It is an interesting and funny story. Full of physics, an unknown but very appealing universe for many of us. With a simple prose, Sonia succeeds in taking us to a new universe without losing interest. There is a force that might emerge at the most unexpected moment. That force moves the world. It is the cosmic energy of love. For those who believe in the undeniable power of love. For those who are looking for a different adventure but at the same time magical.