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Gregorio Casamayor

304 pages

"Ethel Jurado had approached the group to beg for help”, Marcos Recaj, one of the main characters of the book, recounts in this novel, "and we offered her our wholehearted support. Her need for help was so great, her situation so precarious that, without having planned it and perhaps unconsciously, Ethel insinuated herself into our lives, colonising them to such an extreme that, for a time, everything we did and everything we experienced revolved around her personal tragedy and, without our being aware of it, she changed our lives, or at least mine, forever. If we’d been really brave, we’d have limited ourselves to calling the police, as Laura suggested, but we didn’t. We acted out some absurd role of friends, therapists and saviours, without any experience, without knowing what to do, with no notion of the repercussions it could have in our own lives, and that’s how it was.”

In describing Casamayor’s novels, the press highlights its "calm, precise rhythm, its shunning of all artificiality, the readiness of his prose to be always at the service of what it seeks to explain, and his ability to transform observation of the most humdrum gestures into highly effective literary material”. It has also been remarked that Casamayor "has created an own unique style with measured prose that is innovative in many respects and yet more traditional in others”, and that "he achieves the complicity that is established between a good storyteller and the reader”.