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The world changed, the Human being not so much!
Copertina del libro EL PRIMER HÉROE
FictionAdultCommercialHistoricalAdventuresFamily saga
444 pgs.


An adventure fundacional full of challenges and threats, in that the reader will discover a new and fascinating world.It does more than five thousand years, a man was capable of going beyond his own land. Ynatsé is chosen by the gods to protect his settlement and to find the remedy to an evil that asola his community, the Clan of the Horses. In the fight to fulfill the divine plans, and overcoming the own limits and borders, Ynatsé will embark in an epic trip dominated by the interior impulse and the force of his people.An epic masterfully documented that connects us with our more authentic roots across a land and a virgin and wild time. A vivid and tangible periplus about the beginnings of the Humanity. The origin begins now.

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