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Javier Zamudio

190 pages

The characters of Hemingway en Santa Marta are completely aware of their terrible destiny. Hitmen and poets, frustrated writers with frustrated wives, paramilitary groups and dismembered students, homosexual cokeheads. All of them live in a violent, cursed and lascivious Santa Marta, from which you cannot escape without betraying the memory of those who are respected by it.

In the background you can see the last stitches of a love story that is slowly burning out, consumed by the fire, before a sunset that looks like the ones on those old postcards. Then this love revives just for few moments before being taken once again by an uncontrolled violence. In the middle of all, we meet a Kafka who pays for the sins of all mankind and a Hemingway who is facing a fate full of horror.

The story has a shrewd structure that mingles with a surrealistic language creating a narrative form that makes it possible for each character to be born in a genuine way and to grow with a big climax.

Javier Zamudio has extended a spotlight in the heart of the Colombian violence during the 80’s and 90’s by creating a fiction in which the most important is not its rawness, but the author’s rare ability of making us feel how truly he is.