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Jon Codina

490 pages

Imagine that someone takes the most published book in history, and erases all the embedded fiction: he begins canceling the miracles; continues with those passages that are copies of earlier tales (like the Magi on December 25th); also eliminates the instrumental addings of the Evangelists, Paul and other Early Church Fathers, an so on. With the remaining after such a surgery, badly can be written something acceptable for the dispersed s.XXI’s readers, so now imagine that that "someone", through a seven-year work of systematic historical archeology, produces a deep study of hebrew culture in the Palestine of the sI, based on 250 skilled jobs of the 150 most renowned authors, aimed at filling the gaps with plausible fictional material.

Historian Jon Codina proposes thesis as exotic and likely as, that the figure of Joseph was the main reference in shaping the personality of Jesus (his mother being relegated to a secondary role, not vice versa, if we consider the social organization of the time); that probably, Mary was known in her time as a woman of bad reputation because of marrying already pregnant; that Jesus did not have a good relationship with his large family; that he announced the hell for anyone who was not a good practitioner of the Jewish religion; that he sympathized to the Pharisees; that he had to be neutralized by the Jerusalem’s Sadducees priestly government, to nip a possible popular uprising, which would have triggered a harsh crackdown by Rome; or that after being crucified for anti-Roman agitator with two of his sympathizers, surely his body finished in a mass grave, among others thesis.

Always careful, respectful and empathetic with the protagonist, YESHUA BAR YOSEF, sometimes is an accessible biographical novel that shows us a Jesus who allows a group of illiterate followers to messianize him; sometimes is a solid fictionalized biography of who, for the Roman empire, was an insignificant spontaneous agitator; but always is a fascinating adventure into the few real facts (skillfully contextualized), which lie buried under the mountain of fables that have shaped the figure of the most influential character of our Western culture.

In summary, you have in front of you, the most believable fictionalized biography of Jesus ever told: the definitive ATHEIST GOSPEL.