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Javier Zamudio

120 pages

El hotel de los difíciles is a modern health resort and normal only on the outside, placed in an outlaying neighborhood of Bogota. A lawyer of drug kingpins who is drinking to forget his ex-wife’s betrayal, a suicidal writer who cannot catch up with the passing of time and a series of desperate, unusual, intense and hooking characters converge in this resort. Julian is one of them: his marriage has sunk and he finds in his companions some occasional distraction from his prostration. One day, an unusual event provokes in him a reaction that splits his life in “before” and “after”.

The narrative power of the author hooks the reader since the first pages. His frenetic imagination bursts in his hands through an absurd and desperate realism. What is more important, a sense of authenticity keeps his characters alive in our conscience even after closing the book: like only the best stories can do.