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Jorge Vivanco

250 pages

José, a boy from Albanuma, wakes up on a dune of an infinite sand sea. He doesn’t know why he is there, but starts walking aimlessly until he hears a girl screaming: it's Maria. Her father has just turned into a giant scorpion -a «jauriyashka»- and is attacking her.

This is how this new age bildungsroman with pre-Columbus reminiscences starts. It is set in a devilish desert that reminds us of La ciénaga definitiva by Manganelli. Just like the myth of Sisyphus, this desert guides the boys towards a never-ending battle against the sand just to make them duly realize that the effort of the previous day was an illusion.

Nevertheless, through what could seem a punishment, they will end up running into their destiny and understanding the meaning of this psychedelic and empty world they thought to be oblige to bear as scapegoats for the sins of their species. Despite its native taste, the novel doesn’t present any difficulty for the average reader: the lyricism of the Ecuadorian writer makes us recreate in our imagination the scenarios of the saga of El Incal by Jodorowsky-Moebius.

LUGAR COMÚN, 2017/02