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Come gestire gli stati di animo negativi per raggiungere l'equilibrio interiore
Copertina del libro EMOCIONES TOXICAS
264 pgs.

From the bestselling author of Gente toxica with over 700,000 copies of his titles sold throughout the world, we have Bernardo Stamateas’s new book, Toxic Emotions: How to heal emotional damage and find inner peace. And soon to come in December 2012 is Heridas emocionales (Emotional Wounds).

Anxiety, distress, chronic insatisfaction, attachment, envy, fear, guilt, rejection, jealousy... These are just a few of the "toxic emotions” that Stamateas will help us identify and manage so that we can attain inner peace.

"Our emotions are there to be felt, but they aren’t there to take over our lives; when this happens our feelings turn toxic.

Healing our emotions means preparing to free ourselves of negative and toxic emo- tions that definitely will not help us in finding solutions. The aim of this book is to assign every emotion its true meaning. Feelings can’t be controlled from the out- side but rather should be from the inside. Living really means knowing ourselves and this knowledge is what allows us to relate to others as well as ourselves.

Toxic Emotions will help you discover tools to soothe frustration, attachment, guilt, and rejection, and this will help you attain what you’re yearning for.”