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Ernesto Schoo

148 pages

Presented with the challenge of writing about today’s complex city, and the impossibility of covering all of its closely-woven urban fabric- indeed, it is made up of various different cities, each with its own characteristics, unmistakably different from the next adjoining neighborhood-, I felt hat there was only one choice open tome: to refer to "my” city (this is where the title of this book comes from), that ring-fenced space in which I had spent my already long life. After rereading my definitive and totally subjective journey through the streets, places and buildings that are familiar to me, I notice the boundaries, perhaps somewhat limited, of my Buenos Aires adventures: the barrio Norte, la Recoleta, Palermo, something of the centre, parts of the more up-market neighborhoods, like Belgrano or Flores.Not much more: there are entire districts of the city which are alien tome, and I regret this.Yet I want to remain faithful to the backdrops I know so well and not claim ecumenical citizenship, that good fortune to be a true porteño, that imaginary aspiration of so many a stale bard.