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Loredana Limone

386 pages

Too many are the facts reshuffling the every-day life of Borgo Propizio and his several inhabitants, such as the evergreen Aunt Letizia, busy to carry on her diary shop together with Belinda, the not-so-sweet but loved niece; Mariolina and Marietta, the two sisters always quarreling and making peace; the roughly refined Ruggero; the Carabinieri Marshall Bartolomeo Saltalamacchia…

Headed from Mayor Felice Rondinella, the village shows a new eager town council, whose member for the Culture, neurotic professor Tranquillo Conforti, assigns Ornella the task to organize an event for the library opening. Yes, because Borgo Propizio wants his own civic library now. It must be a special event, a spatial one, even a literary festival, under the always sparkling and propitious stars of the village.

Well, not always propitious.

Rumors start again the day when arrives Antonia, a stranger with wonderful auburn curls and with a mysterious luggage inside. She’s running away from herself and looking for a place where to care her soul, so she decides to plan her revenge there.

A revenge against who? And why? Whatever the reason, it’s a dish to be served cold. But Antonia doesn’t know that Borgo Propizio is able to change whoever cross his crenellated wall…

A coral therapeutic novel, written with the tone of a tale and the taste of reality, a modern story to drive away bad mood and find again courage and cheerfulness.

SALANI, 2014/04
Ein Ort zum Verlieben
THIELE, 2017/02