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Amanda Colombo

246 pages

At the dawn of thirty-five, Bianca leaves the Dolomites to leave behind a painful memory and moves to the town where she spent her childhood, just outside Milan. She decided to go back to her grandmother's apartment, where she was really happy. Because, under her house, there is "Virginia's room", Mr. Marco's bookshop, which has always welcomed her with a smile and good advice. She grew up among those dusty shelves, wrapping volumes behind the counter and consulting textbooks for school research. When the old bookseller announces that he is about to close, Bianca cannot believe it and, although sorry, she accepts the proposal to help him in the remaining months. Day after day, she learns the tricks of the trade from Mr. Marco: how to listen without being intrusive or how to interpret the gestures of customers looking for a book. Filling this new life are also Bianca's best friends, the irrepressible Mavi and the patient Dele, each with their own problems, but ready to support each other. Yet, in order to move forward, Bianca knows she has to close the accounts with her past...

Amanda Colombo has been working as a bookseller for years and has learned to guide customers in choosing a book, discovering that, often, they are not just looking for a good read. From her experience was born "Thank goodness you're here", a debut that is not just a hymn to bookstores, but above all a story of friendship and growth, which passes through pain and flourishes again thanks to the printed word. Because there is no right age to discover and pursue a passion.

GARZANTI (GEMS), 2023/05