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Gaspare Grammatico

264 pages

A new Camilleri is born (comment of many readers in IG, Amazon and Audible)

On a quiet Friday morning in April, in Trapani, in the cellar of his villa, the body of a man was found, brutally tortured. We are talking about the oenologist Platimiro Greco, a well-known face on the small screen due to the frequent and stormy appearances in a program for insiders. The case is entrusted to Commissioner Antonio Indelicato, for all Nenè. A simple man, with no special powers, if not perhaps that of having raised his daughter Sara alone, fourteen years old but thirty in the head, given that the mother preferred to change her life at birth of the babt, leaving them alone.

Thanks to the help of his brilliant team composed by Salvina Russo and by

a very meticulous coroner, Nené quickly realizes that the victim had more enemies than friends - and all with a valid motive for revenge. To unravel the case, Nenè will have to find the balance point beyond which an injured person turns into a murderer.

A novel full of twists, sometimes ironic and inhabited by unforgettable characters. And Trapani, the city, with food, Sicilian flavours, and its unforgettable old town. Nenè is a little distracted, sometimes melancholic, passionate about books and always in the balance, like all of us, between work and private life.

MONDADORI (GM), 2023/04