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Max Fiorelli

496 pages

The nightmare could be hiding on any page you haven't written yet. When he looks at his life, Harry Castellani still can't explain what happened. One day he was a detective with the Miami Homicide Squad, underpaid, frustrated and with a tendency to overuse alcohol, and a few weeks later his first thriller climbed the Bestseller Book's list of the major American newspapers making him rich and famous. He changed everything: car, home, friendships, travels. All but the bottle of whiskey that continues to keep him company wherever he goes. And now he is in Rome, for the Italian promotion of his novel and to enjoy one of the places that until recently he could only dream from afar. Harry is a complicated man, obsessed with beautiful women, with money, with a secret that is ruining his nights, and especially with the second novel that doesn't seem to want to get out of his pen. The day a young woman met by chance disappears into thin air, however, he feels within himself the call to act. Because all the money in the world cannot repay the adrenaline that rises when you are about to save a life. When other women begin to disappear in the streets of Rome, Harry realizes that the game has just begun and that to win it, he will have to be willing to do anything, even to reveal the most shocking of truths.

PIEMME (GM), 2022/03