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Débora Castillo

240 pages

One morning Claudia, Clau for her friends, sees her life shattering. After a 20-year marriage, two twin children, and a life dedicated to taking care of the offspring and her husband, he has seen fit to fall in love with a much younger woman and therefore asks her to come out of the splendid mansion of Can Tranvía, on the Costa Brava. On the spot, and without adding anything else. Shortly thereafter, Sonia, the usurper, will come to take her place.

So far, perhaps a story like a thousand others. Nothing new on the horizon. Mature husband seeks out younger woman and leaves his wife in the lurch.


But Claudia decides to declare war: she renovates the small house of the keepers and settles there, a stone's throw from the main house, to plot revenge, with the help of the inseparable Antonia, a common woman, a trusted, pragmatic and disenchanted maid. . But… something unexpected will happen to Claudia. Something that will make her understand that it is time to practice healthy selfishness, redeem her life from a "useless functional" (as her daughter Cora defines she) and show that she is not the loser - even if she has lost home, comfort, status and friends - but her husband.

A hilarious comedy reminiscent of Fay Weldon's Life and Love of a Deviless, with romantic tints like Nicolas Barreau. A novel of redemption, revenge, sisterhood, ironic and profound.