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Ramón González

208 pages

Friday, 13th November, 2015, 9:50 pm, Bataclan hall, Paris.

One thousand five hundred people are enjoying the rock concert of the Eagles of Death Metal. Three terrorists break into the room, the blasts of their rifles silence the riffs of the electric guitars. The narrator of this story is a Spanish man who was there together with his girlfriend and another couple of friends. This dramatic event marks the beginning of an Odyssey that will go on even after he is rescued safe and sound. After the attack, he undertakes a new path made of the destruction of his old life and the reconstruction of a new one.

This is the first work of Ramón González and not only it thoroughly describes that terrible night, whose echo is not faded yet, but it also tells what the newspapers could not explain: the scars left by a traumatic episode after which the everyday life cannot be the same.