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Margherita Belardetti

230 pages

"A lovely novel", Luciana Littizzetto Italian Artist and Writer

Elisa, a sixty-year-old woman, a retired librarian, is the ex-wife of a career lawyer. A passionate mother of a daughter who is now adult and resident in a large city in northern Europe, as well as an affectionate owner of a psycholabile cat, Nina - known as Prozac during turbulent times - lives her days with a girl's spirit. A thousand projects always interrupted and a good dose of improvisation: reorganizing the house, reminiscing in the memories, observing and commenting on what is happening around her, she dreams of trips to the mountains that a broken ankle forces her to postpone and, when she can, she writes. Even love, masked by the defenses and the obstacles of the mature age, reappears in the life of Elisa. She takes the form of three male champions who could not be more different, but which allow her to savor all the emotional equipment that seemed forgotten - heartbeats, expectations, anger, eros, indignation, teased. But a new awareness emerges in her: her fulfillment will not be in the relationship with a man. And not even in the role of mother or granma.

Aging is a high form of growth, of focusing on oneself. And so Elisa discovers that a new flowering is waiting for her: a time of her own, to make the talents set aside - reluctantly - for life.

PIEMME (GM), 2019/04