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Copertina del libro VITTORIA
FictionAdultUpmarketWomen's Fiction
267 pgs.

Vittoria does not believe in the spirituality of the manuals, in the aphorisms of magnets and certainly does not believe in fortune tellers: a dish of trenette alla pesto is much better with a friend than having the tarot read. Photographer from Genoa forty-six years with some successful spot, Vittoria has always managed to navigate the difficulties of life, supported by a valuable baggage of common sense, irony and his great love: Federico. But when he leaves, leaving her alone in a house full of memories, the world collapses on her. Disoriented and in full creative crisis, Vittoria finds herself at the same time without a partner, without work and with the anguish of not knowing what the future holds for her. Short of options and money to pay the croquettes to Sugo (Sauce), his trusty cat, will end up doing what he has always disdained and that, despite himself, he manages very well: read the tarot to a plethora of kind souls who, like her , have a broken heart. Among the card of the Hermit that reminds you of Obi-Wan Kenobi and the Wheel of Fortune that looks like a lysergic party, will also rediscover the creativity, taking pictures of its customers and coming to invent a very original, curious new profession... Thus, without realizing it, she will slowly return to listen to the world around her, finding the strength to stand up again, to give to others and to believe in herself.